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Hello from California - Brief Autobiography

I believe in the future..., with a faith born not of words but of deeds; in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years. I believe in less dependence on begging and more power in bargaining; in the life abundant and enough honest wealth to help make it so--for others as well as myself; in less need for charity and more of it when needed; in being happy myself and playing square with those whose happiness depends upon me.  


My Resume
Hello there!  This is my brief autobiographical sketch.  If want to get to know me a little better - read on! If not, don't bother reading any further because my homepage has much more interesting links and features than this.
    Ok, still here?  If you've read this far, you really do want to know a little bit about who I am.   

My Youth:

I was born "Mark Alan Marshall", my birth marked our families 5th generation California born.  Born the biological son of Shari Marshall and Fred Parker (although Fred played no part in my life and died in 2005).

At the age of two, my mother married a "Draft Dodger" by the name of Alan Lee Joachim, they remained married 11 months and 4 days.  My mother married Robert Rayner soon after, who became my acting father..

I spent my youth known as Mark Rayner in San Jose, CA.  I attended Willow Glen Elementary, Booksin Elementary, and Edwin Markham Junior High.  At that point my mother divorced and remarried Alan Joachim... I took on the surname of Joachim, believing him to be my father.  Then we moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA briefly in 1981-82 and I attended San Lorenzo Valley Intermediate and High, each for one year.  On the road again... We moved to Twain Harte, CA (where my family has owned a cabin since the 50's), the summer following my freshman year. I attended Summerville High School, Tuolumne City for three years and graduated with the class of 1985.   While there I  spent the majority of my time in shop classes, working on cars, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and raising swine on the school farm as a member of the Future Farmers of America.

The Work-A-Day World:

Upon graduation from high school I joined a large portion of our counties labor force to build the Jamestown Gold Mine in Jamestown, CA. I working as a welder until the great lay-off.


After that I decided to enter Columbia College's Automotive program and worked as a mechanic at Tosha Ent. in Soulsbyville, CA for a while, what a career choice that was!...


What was I thinking!  Not that it wouldn't be an honest career, but I surely wanted more than "turning a wrench" the rest of my life.

Soon I moved to San Jose, CA to work as an Environmental Technician for International Technologies Corporation. This was a great job and quite an experience. I traveled all over the US working as an Environmental Hazardous Materials Technician, cleaning up all kinds of nasty chemical from every corner of the country.  I worked jobsites at Lockheed, FMC, IBM, Westinghouse, Dow, Stanford University Med. Center, DRMO crew (Defense Reutilization and Marketing) and various oil spills throughout California's coastline and one large one on the Delaware River, DE.

Talk about an eye opening environmental experience!


Back To School:

It didn't take me long to realize a couple of things: 1) we could clean this toxic crap up and sweep it under the rug for the rest of eternity and there would always be more; 2) I wasn't going anywhere in the company without a degree.  But what could I do?  That was my main motivation for returning to school once again at Columbia College;  I enrolled in their Natural Resources and Forestry programs.
    During my stay at Columbia, I took charge of running the recycling center, and became Student Senate Vice President, President of the Ecology Action Club, and went on to resurrect the long dead campus newspaper - "The Mountain Times," where I acted as the Production Manager.

Job Tally - "Mark Of Many Trades":

Burkhart Construction - Carpenter

The Industrial Company - Welder

Tosha Enterprises: European Automotive - Auto Mechanic

Rollins Environmental - Environmental Technician

IT Environmental Services - Environmental Specialist

Lone Pine Logging - Choker Setter

American Concrete - Mason

Ecology Action Club - Chapter President

Twain Harte Hardware - Lumber & Hardware Customer Service

Sun Garden Packing Co. assistant Supervisor

Self-employed Carpenter - :<)

Student Body - Vice President

USFS Summit Ranger District - Wilderness Ranger

Campus Recycling Center - Operations Director

Mountain Times Newspaper - Production Manager 

Redwood Discovery Museum - Science Exhibit Designer

Arcata Children's Center - Recreation Aid

US Peace Corps - Parks and Wildlife Program: Environmental Educator

City Of Scotts Valley - Recreation Leader/Head Teacher

City Of San Jose - Park Ranger

My Truck:

  Side note: Did I forget to mention my pride and joy?  That's right my truck!  It's a 1976 Ford F-100 4X4.  I built the thing from ground up and feel damn good about it (pictured to the right). 2007 Update... I sold my pride and joy :( on EBay :(.  I've got a new Ford Ranger now and after 4 years and 90,000mi it was a good purchase.


Many would call me "liberal"...  however, nothing is quite that simple.  I do believe several things [call it my "top-twelve"]:

1) The government should stay the hell out of our personal lives and stop telling us how to run our lives and treat our bodies

2) We don't pay too much in taxes, but we get too little in return

3) To many politicians and educators push their morals down peoples throats

4) The concept of defensive nuclear arsenals is ridiculous

5) Religion is simply superstition promoted by "legitimate" cults

6) Columbus did not discover America

7) A two party system is no system at all

8) If lawyers traded in their suits for overalls, judicial arrogance would diminish

9) All life is simply a series of enzymatic reactions

10) Overpopulation and mass immigration is killing the planet!!

11) We need to make American-English our official language!

12) Farm subsidies should be for growing food not fuel.

There it is!   Although my interests run wide, I have made certain affiliations with causes that I hold important; some of them include: the Hundredth Monkey Project (to stop nuclear weapons testing forever), People for Healthy Forests (who work with our national forests and parks to end herbicide use within them), and the Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center (a small group of dedicated land and resource management watchdogs, who's shown they're a force to contend with), and The National Ardor day Foundation-- PLANT TREES!.


Thoughts on Quantum Physics

Using mathematical representations to describe imaginary experimentation is a wonderful way of revealing the essence of an unknown particle from the essence of a known particle. The universal flaw is in the collective batch of sociological inept people drawing conclusions void of the concept that emotions are not made of particles, yet emotions guide their theories and conclusions.


Those Summer Jobs:

I worked for three seasons as a Backcountry Ranger with the US Forest Service.
Emigrant Wilderness Angler Guide   I was part of a small team that enforced federal regulations and maintained trails and campsites in the Emigrant Wilderness within the Stanislaus National Forest, CA.
    I left out a barrage of short term jobs I had did like: mason, logger, carpenter, hardware store clerk, yard maintenance, assistant supervisor at a food cannery, delivery truck for computer firm, delivery driver for restaurant equipment supplier, butcher assistant, and I even worked as a sub-contractor spy.  Wow, and I must have left out a couple.

College Graduation to University Graduation:

    Upon my graduation from Columbia College with a Certification in Forestry Technology  and an AS. in Natural Resources, I applied any was accepted at Humboldt State University.
Columbia College's Forestry ProgramI want to mention, without the encouragement of professor Ross Carkeet (pictured to the right), an educator, friend, and the person who has become my mentor, I most likely would never have entered Humboldt or any university.  I would like to thank him for his guidance, wisdom, anecdotes, and inspiration.  After 3 years at Humboldt I received a BA in Recreation Administration with minors in Resource Interpretation and Business administration in May of 1999.

The Name Exchange Of 1999:

Who am I now?  Well, it's me Mark Rayner again.  I was going to ramble out some justifying reason for the name switch; when I realized... I never met my biological father and Alan Joachim was never more then an abusive drunk, so... Mark Alan Rayner is  just who I am, how I was raised, and clears up stuff in my brain.

Peace Corps:

In June of 1999, I packed 80lbs of stuff and ventured off for a 2 year stint in the US Peace Corps. Stationed in Ternopil, Ukraine, I worked at Ternopil State Pedagogical University as an visiting professor or ESL Ecology and Wildlands Management . Don't forget to come back soon to visit my Peace Corps Ukraine site or visit Peace Corps official website.


  Well, I'm over my thirties now and I spend my time with with my wife Gwen hunting for antiques, woodworking and tinkering in my shop, making stain-glass, camping/backpacking, and living in California.  In the fall of 2003 Gwen and I started a business "Antique Inspirations" located inside "Attilia's Antiques" co-op..

We now spend a great deal of our time with our new baby daughter! May your life be full of wonder...

That's about it for now.

p.s.: I forget to mention...

1) George W Bush will forever be a national disgrace!

2) I'm proud to not support the Republican or Democratic parties! 


3) You should have said NO to the California Recall!

4) Immigrants (not born on US soil) should not be allowed to hold political office... EVER!!!

5) Still say NO to any further actions against the people of Iraq


7) Shut down all Nuclear Power Generators!  STOP THE NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE!

7) Show me your papers or... it's time to go home now, OK!

8) Don't blow smoke up my butt!  I don't have time for it!



"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

President John F. Kennedy, during a speech introducing the Peace Corps program.  For the record i don't like the Kennedy's)

Keep kids off drugs
Mercury Test Site Have a great day

Mark A. Rayner







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