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Enjoy the song my grandfather loved to sing

Here's another one "The Ol' Sow"

 (A short account of my roots from the time we entered California)

Mark A Rayner

b. 05/17/1967 San Jose, CA

d. living

m. Gwendolyn C Goodman

See some family pics



Shari Marjeane Marshall


 b. 09/21/1949 San Jose, CA

d. living

m. David Diehl

m. Alan Lee Joachim

m. Robert Askelon Rayner




Jeane M Fickes


b. 09/08/1924 San Jose, CA

d. living

m. Martin Earl Marshall 




Pearl Adele Johnson

(Great Grandmother)

b. 11/01/1896 San Jose, CA

d. 06/06/1993 Twain Harte, CA

m. Lilburn Imler Fickes





William Henry Johnson

(Great Great Grandfather)

b. 07/12/1869 Placerville, CA

d. 07/12/1892 San Jose, CA

m. Isabelle Margaret Zeigler


Read About William Henry Johnson




John Calhoun Johnson

(Great Great Great Grandfather)

b. 1822 Dearsville, Harrison Co. Ohio

d. 09/31/1876 Placerville, CA

m. Emily Jane Hagerdon


Read About John C. Johnson

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